• The members of the speech processing (VEU) research group of the TALP research center participate in the Spanish Red de Tecnologías del Habla (RTTH) since the very beginning of that network. In fact, the the VEU group was coordinating the research project Albayzín that, funded by the Spanish government, started to collect speech recognition databases for the spanish language spoken in Spain back in 1992. That was a seminal project which involved up to six university research groups and produced the Albayzín database that is being distributed to the interested users by the European Languages Resources Association (ELRA). The revenues that arrive at the UPC from that ELRA database are invested in network-based RTTH activities, in particular to fund the award Albayzín. That RTTH award is delivered every year to a young researcher (doctoral student) in language technologies who has published a paper in a peer-reviewed JCR-indexed international journal. The awarded paper is chosen by the members of the RTTH association after an open call.



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