• This project aims to develop and bring to marketable stage advanced technologies of Natural Language Processing for multilingual news customisation and broadcasting throughout distributed services, a major problem for International and National News Agencies (NA) as well as for the spread of Web technologies. Within their own business cases, NAs need to integrate within their own repositories news distributed by other NAs usually in different languages and according to different classification standards. Mismatching is at language level, a different languages are used, as well as at conceptual level, as the organization/storage of news proceeds according to diverging schemes.This project will include the linguistic engineering tools developed in ITEM , RILE and EuroWordNet.

    This project is developed by our group from Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), toghether with members of the University of Barcelona (UB) Computational Linguistics research group with the research groups of University of Sheffield, University of Roma Tor Vergata and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and Itaca, International Press Telecommunications Council, Agenzia ANSA, Agencia EFE and Financial Times.

    Funding: European Union through Information Society Technologies programme (IST-1999-12392).

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