• SpeechTech4All is a project focused on advanced research in all core speech technologies (speech recognition, automatic translation and text to speech conversion) for all the official languages of Spain. It is also aimed at the recognition of the speaker’s emotional state and the building of multimodal (speech and face) and multilingual (Spanish, Galician, Catalan and Basque) experimental work-frames that allow showing the work developed.

    As a result of the project significant research advances will be obtained in each of the above mentioned technologies. Some of these advances are: universal access to the service of synthetic voices customization, development of domain adaptation techniques in automatic translation and development of emotional state detection systems based in speech and face joint processing. The project will take part in the international competitive evaluation campaigns organized by Interspeech and the Red Temática de Tecnologías del Habla (RTTH).

    To show the advances achieved in all the technologies considered, as well as to manifest the social character of the project, two showcases are defined:

    1) The first one integrates most of the technologies considered in the project and consists on the multilingual subtitling and dubbing of audiovisual material related to education: documentaries, speeches, seminars…

    2) The second one is focused on one of the true applications of speech technologies: providing speech to people who have a severe level of oral disability by the use of a speech synthesis system adapted to the specific characteristics of the speaker.

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