• The Global WordNet Association is a free, public and non-commercial organization that provides a platform for discussing, sharing and connecting wordnets for all languages in the world. The aims of the association are:

    1. To establish distribution facilities for the dissemination of the Association and Association publications and information materials:
      • To promote cooperation and information exchange among related professional and technical societies that build or use wordnets.
      • To provide information on wordnets to the general public.
    2. To promote the standardization of the specification of wordnets for all languages in the world, including:
      • the standardization of the Inter-Lingual-Index for inter-linking the wordnets of different languages, as a universal index of meaning
      • the development of a common representation for wordnet data
    3. To promote the development of sense-tagged corpora in all the linked languages.
    4. To promote sharing and transferring of data, software and specifications across wordnet builders for different languages
    5. To promote the development of guidelines and methodologies for building wordnets in new languages
    6. To promote the development of explicit criteria and definitions for verifying the relations in any language
    7. To promote the development of consistency checking, comparison and evaluation modules
    8. To promote research into the psychological adequacy of models of the mental lexicon

    The Global WordNet Association (GWA) builds on the results of Princeton WordNet and EuroWordNet.

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