TextServer - linguistic analysis of texts

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TextServer - linguistic analysis of texts

TextServer offers different analysis levels (tokenization, morphological analysis, morphosyntactic disambiguation, syntactic analysis, semantic disambiguation, semantic role annotation, coreference resolution, etc.) for different languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, French, Italian , Portuguese, German, Asturian, Slovenian, Russian, ...).
Each language has a different level of development, so not all services are available for all languages.

TextServer services run on the high-performance computing cluster of the Department of Computer Science of the UPC. The cluster has over 1000 cores, offering a great ability to scale to a large number of users and requests handled simultaneously.

Users, once they are registered, can run predefined demo files, or write short sentences in a text box.
Users can apply for a subscription to any of the offered services. Subscribed users can upload their documents via the web interface and obtain the analysis. To process large amounts of text, the user can send the request in non-interactive mode, disconnect, and receive an alert when processing is complete.
Alternatively, the user can program his own client application to send requests to TextServer services and get results directly.

While in the testing phase, TextServer services are free.

You can read TextServer documentation to find further details about system possibilities.

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