Spanish and Catalan Wordnets follow the EuroWordNet framework and ire structured in the same way as the American wordnet for English (Princeton WordNet) in terms of synsets (sets of synonymous words) with basic semantic relations between them. Spanish and Catalan nouns, verbs and adjectives are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations links the synonym sets. The Spanish and Catalan WordNets also represent a set of unique language-internal system of lexicalizations.

The initial version of the Spanish WN was developed in the framework of the EWN project using WN1.5 as ILI. The resulting wordnet was released through ELRA, and it still is nowadays.

After EWN project, we continued developing the Spanish WN thanks to additional funding from public and private projects. The resulting wordnet, now using WN1.6 as ILI, was released by their owners using different licenses for commercial and research purposes. A small part of it was included in FreeLing versions 2.x.

The MCR-3.0 project includes a new version of Spanish WN, linked to Princeton WN 3.0, and distributed under a free license. This version is totally new, and has been developed from scratch using different techniques. It uses WN3.0 as ILI and its license is CC BY 3.0. That is, free for both commercial and research purposes.

The Catalan WordNet is also included in the MCR-3.0.

Given the existence of this newer, open, and improved resource, we no longer distribute the old esWN version (linked to WN1.6). If you badly need to obtain a license for it, please contact us.

Consulting the WordNets

You can consult the contents of these knowledge bases via the Meaning Multilingual Central Repository interface.

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