TALP, and the other members of the MEANING project.
 The Multilingual Central Repository (MCR) follows the model proposed by the EuroWordNet project. EuroWordNet (Vossen, 1998) is a multilingual lexical database with wordnets for several European languages, which are structured as the Princeton WordNet. The Princeton WordNet contains information about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in English and is organized around the notion of a synset.


 The current version of the MCR (Atserias et al., 2004) is a result of the 5th Framework MEANING project. The MCR integrates into the same EuroWordNet framework wordnets from five different languages (together with four English WordNet versions). The MCR also integrates WordNet Domains (Magnini and Cavaglià, 2000) and new versions of the Base Concepts and Top Concept Ontology. The final version of the MCR contains 1,642,389 semantic relations between synsets, most of them acquired by automatic means. This is almost one order of magnitude larger than the Princeton WordNet (204,074 unique semantic relations in WordNet 2.0).


 To add Semantic Knowledge to any Resource.


 Java, Php, Perl are used for the Demos.
 MySQL is used by the Database containing MCR.


Technical Requirements:
 Java, Perl, Apache and MySqL are required for the use of MCR.




 Currently, MCR integrates into the EuroWordNet framework five local wordnets (including four versions of the English WordNet from Princeton), the EuroWordNet Top Concept ontology, MultiWordNet Domains, and hundreds of thousand of new semantic relations and properties automatically acquired from corpora. MCR constitutes the largest and richest multilingual resource for lexical knowledge ever build.


 MCR (Multilingual Central Repository) was the result of the 5th Framework European MEANING Project (2002-2005), and has been extendend thanks to domestic projects KNOW (2006-2009) and KNOW2 (2010-2012).


 There are a lot of related publications, including Deliverables and Reports that can be found here:


Remarkable publications are:


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